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ICU HEALTHCARE endeavours to support the pillars of health systems strengthening, including health information systems, healthcare financing, enhanced leadership and better governance, and improving access through better health-services delivery. We generate conclusive evidence, and promote inclusive policies and universal healthcare.

Our services

Research Consultancy Services

We generate conclusive evidence and cutting-edge research for public, social and private sector.

Behavioral Sciences

Health Insurance

Health Systems

Digital Solutions

We provide a range of digital solutions for healthcare IT infrastructure, research implementation, data management, and analytics.

Electronic Health Records
Electronic Health Records (EHR) software for hasle free and secure management of patients' health record.

Research Tools
Digital tools for effective implementation of social and academic research.

Data management
Secured and robust ecosystem for storing and managing data.

Purpose-built data APIs.

Predictive Analytics
Modern-day analytics capabilities and solutions to help translate data into actionable insights.

Data Visualization
Dynamic and interactive dashboards to drive visualization in real-time.

Automate routine processess of data management and dynamic reports.

Helpline and Telemedicine Infrastructure
IT infrastructure for helpline and telemedicine services.